2018 Lincoln Navigator

Introducing the 2018 Lincoln Navigator

Distinct Power & Presence

You've arrived and your Navigator can tell. When it senses your approach, a suite of features activate as if to say "Welcome back" and "Where to next?" From the moment you approach, the Lincoln Navigator guides the way. When your key fob is within a detectable range, auto-folding side mirrors project a signature Lincoln logo welcome mat on the ground below the doors, door handle areas glow, and front and rear running lamps illuminate in a thoughtfully timed sequence.

Lincoln Drive Modes

Satisfy both your desire for control and need for excitement with the simple twist of a dial. From Slippery to Conserve, the Lincoln Navigator offers six distinct selectable drive modes for confidence, exhilaration and control in a wide variety of driving conditions. Each mode has a number of calculated settings that tune the vehicle, including the available adaptive suspension, shift points, 4x2 vs. 4x4 drive lines, information displays and more - and it all happens with the simple twist of a knob.

Adaptive Suspension

Road conditions vary and, for smooth and confident driving, your suspension should too. The adaptive suspension controls the up-and-down movement of the wheels when driving on uneven surfaces and over potholes. This system, controlled by the six selectable Lincoln Drive Modes, helps decrease the stress of harsh outside driving situations without compromising the comfort within.

Aluminum Body

The all-aluminum-alloy body of the Lincoln Navigator gives new meaning to the phrase "less is more." The reduced weight from aluminum allows Navigator to be enriched with cutting-edge features that enhance comfort, quietness and the driving experience.

Interior Design - Second & Third Row Comfort, Best In Class Cargo Room, & Perfect Position Seats

Every surface, space, and accessory inside the Lincoln Navigator has optimized to deliver an immense level of comfort, not to mention best-in-class second and third row leg room. With PowerFold second and third row seats, making the most out of available cargo space in the Lincoln Navigator is as simple as pressing a button. Plus, with an available Tiered Cargo Management System, the best in class cargo room inside the Navigator becomes highly functional. The available Perfect Position Seat with Active Motion massage puts you in control of your own comfort. With its wise range of movement, 11 independent air cushions, heating, ventilation for cooling, and independent thigh extenders, you can easily make adjustments for a seat that is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

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