It is overwhelming these day when shopping for a car because of all the tools at your fingertips.  First of all you don't even have to go to a lot full of metal to see the car selections in your town. Its on the Internet.  Then you can google pricing and Car Gurus will tell you if your getting a Great Deal, Good Deal, Fair Deal, or Bad Deal. NADA will tell you what the retail price should be.  Carfax and Auto Check will tell you if its been in an accident.

Then you can research what your trade-in is worth.  You can see what they are bringing at the Auctions and NADA can tell you what the trade-in value is.  You can run down to Carmax and see what Carmax will give  you for your trade.  They advertise they will buy your car for their appraised value.

Then with all the knowledge you can possibly hold in your head, you venture out to the two lots you have pin pointed to have the best prices and selection for that special car you want.  You feel confident that you know what your doing.

When you arrive at the dealership or carlot, you meet a Sales Professional (hopefully).  And this is what happens.  80% of folks do not buy the vehicle they did all the research on. Payment comes into play.  You realize you forgot that you owe money on your current car.  You spent too much money last year at Christmas and never got caught up, so, your Beacon Score is in the pooper.  Then you settle for a less expensive piece of metal to keep your payments where you can afford them.  Then there are added expenses called Delivery Fees, Doc Fees, and paperwork like your buying a mansion in Beverly Hills. Your not sure what any of the fees are for, you buy something to protect your wheels, and you buy something to protect your paint.  You sign so much paperwork you don't know if you just gave your next child away. 

So, when you go to buy your next used or new car or truck.  Just pick one dealership to go to, Mullinax Lincoln Automotive.  We let you use the information that you put together.  We help you find the car that fits you and your budget.  Our staff is trained to help you enjoy buying a vehicle.  That is the only way to buy a car.

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