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I bet we get asked daily “can you work on my Ford truck?”   The answer is certainly!  Our Lincoln Certified Technicians train at Regional Ford Training Centers, use the “Ford Hotline” to ask technical questions about Customers’ Vehicles, use the Ford Oasis to check on Recalls, Ford Technical Service Bulletins, and the availability of Ford Extended Service Plans, and use the Ford Warranty Manual and Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury Shop Manuals every day the Mullinax Service Department is open.  Ford Field Engineers come to the Lincoln Dealership to assist our Technicians when there are difficult repairs.


If a Customer who owns a vehicle wants a Ford or Lincoln Recall performed, needs Ford or Lincoln warranty work done, has a Ford Maintenance Plan, or wants to pay to have repair work done on their Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury a Lincoln Dealership is more than capable to do the job. 


Pricing is comparable to any Ford Dealership in the local area.  All Service Centers have Labor Manuals like “Chilton Manuals” that give guides on how much time a repair should take.  A reliable Service Department will price accordingly and will set their hourly pricing to “like” shops.  Most New Car Dealerships that have State of the Art Equipment, well trained Technicians, and Factory Warranted Parts may appear higher but usually get the job done right the first time, have warranties on their work and parts, and have the availability to diagnostic equipment and manuals that can give the customer reassurance of a job well done.  And if Ford Warranty, Ford Extended Warranty, or a Recall is performed then Ford will reimburse the Dealership.  


Your vehicle has moving parts that you depend on for your transportation needs.  You have to use your vehicle properly, care for it, and repair it when your vehicle needs attention.  Plan and save for these expenses in order to make sure your vehicles lasts a long time.  And Mullinax Lincoln Automotive in Cleveland will be happy to help you with your Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, or whatever you drive.


Ford Motor Company and our Customers measure us on how we take care of

their vehicles.  We would like you to give us the opportunity to work on your “Ford Truck” or your “Chevy” so you can rate us too.  I bet you will be glad you did.  And you will not have to wait for months to get an appointment.  Our Goal is to take care of our customers, don’t make them wait, and repair their vehicle right the first time.  Ford Customers are treated like Lincoln Customers at Mullinax Lincoln Automotive in Cleveland-we don’t discriminate!

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