The year 2019 is soon approaching. Currently, Christmas music is on the radio, shopping is in full force, and folks are planning family get togethers. At Mullinax Lincoln we are excited about our annual Wish List Sales Event. There is 0% for 72 months on certain models and lots of discounted prices.  And the excitement around the refreshened and new Lincoln Products for 2019 is contagious.

The 2018 Lincoln car fleet is made up of the Lincoln Continental, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKC, Lincoln MKT, and the Lincoln Navigator. All of these vehicles are great in their own right. The MKT has third row seating and is a beautiful example of a luxury wagon. The Lincoln Continental and Lincoln MKZ are sporty, luxury sedans. Lincoln has several SUVs that are unique. The Lincoln MKC being the smallest of the three and Lincoln Navigator being the largest. These are all wonderful vehicles! However, in 2019 some of the vehicles in this lineup are having massive changes.

2019 is a huge year for Lincoln. To begin with, most may wonder, what is staying the same?  In short the Lincoln Continental and Lincoln MKZ will all be relatively similar to last years model. These two sporty luxury sedans have already gotten the new elegant Lincoln grill. The 2018 all new Lincoln Navigators got this grill and this grill will be placed in all future products.

The Lincoln MKX will be renamed and refreshed to the Lincoln Nautilus for 2019.  This midsize luxury crossover is elegant, spacious, and handles well. It seats five comfortably and has a large cargo area.  It comes standard in front wheel drive, but, all wheel drive is also available.  An 8-speed Select Shift  Automatic Transmission that is all new for Lincoln this year and is paired with both engines available for the Lincoln Nautilus. And new in 2019 is the Standard Lincoln Co-Pilot360 which comes with features like Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert, Pre-collision Assist with automatic emergency braking, Lane-Keeping System with driver alert, Rearview Camera, and auto high-beam headlamps. 

My favorite addition to the Lincoln Lineup is the Lincoln Aviator. It has been 13 years since the Lincoln Aviator was a part of the Lineup. It is a completely new design from it's predecessor.  The Aviator is spacious and will have the 3rd row of passenger seating which is excellent for family trips and carpooling. This true luxury vehicle is a rear wheel drive. It has a suspension that will make you think you are floating on a cloud.  For more details please see future products.

We hope that this gives you a good insight of the future for Lincoln in 2019. If you are in the market for a new Lincoln we are available Monday-Friday  8am to 6pm. On Saturday we are open from 9am-5pm. We can be reached through the contacts on our website.
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