The Lincoln Way App

In 2019, the Lincoln Aviator will be making its comeback!  At this year’s New York Automotive Show, we were shown an extremely elegant well thought out sport utility that is certain to make Lincoln competitive in the sport utility 3rd row seat market. The Lincoln Aviator will of course have third row seating, and reportedly will be 10 inches longer than the Lincoln MKX (soon to be named Nautilus in 2019) and 10 inches shorter than the new Lincoln Navigator. The 2019 Lincoln Aviator will have Reverse Brake Assist, twin turbocharged engine or plug-in hybrid technology.  It will have optional 30 way seating, Lincoln’s Phone as Key feature, the built in wireless charger with multiple charging ports and a WiFi hotspot makes the standard list. A  rear wheel drive platform was specifically built for the Lincoln Aviator. We currently don’t know things like the amount of horsepower and even price, so there is more information to come.  

The 2019 elegant Lincoln Aviator is not a totally new idea to Lincoln. Lincoln had a Aviator from 2003-2005. It only lasted two years. It looked like a miniature Lincoln Navigator. The new 2019 Lincoln Aviator will stand tall in the Lincoln lineup. It will have the unique Lincoln grill with more detailed features.This Lincoln will not be like any Ford. There is currently a great deal of buzz about this model. Many folks wish it was already here. Comfortable 3rd row seat vehicles are in big demand.  

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