The Lincoln Way App

The Navigation system that Lincoln has is unlike anything else. Lincoln has made its Navigation system easy to use and unique. If your car is connected to MyLincoln Touch and has the optional SD Card Navigation system, then you can explore Navigation using your voice! It will allow you to set your destination and help you avoid traffic. You can also set waypoints on your Navigation system. For example if you are on your way to Atlanta, GA, you can set a waypoint to stop at a restaurant or anywhere else on your way to your location. You can also set favorites. You can save any location you want and it will save it and give you the best and quickest route whenever you want.

There is so much you can do with the Navigation system and all the other Lincoln systems!  On Mullinax Lincoln Automotive’s website there is a video section (How to Videos) that you may use to see all the features Lincoln has:

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