Lincoln Perfect Postion Seats

The Lincoln “Perfect Position” seat allows for maximum comfort and support no matter the distance you may be traveling. This feature allows you to change the contour of your seat in 30 different ways!  You can adjust lumbar support in 4 different ways, your head rest, your height and distance from the pedals and steering wheel, individual thigh support, and many other adjustments can be made to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

The Lincoln “Perfect Position” was first created and used in the 2017 Lincoln Continental. The popular demand for these seats allowed Lincoln to expand these seats into another Lincoln and future models. The new 2018 Lincoln Navigator also has the “Perfect Position” seats. For those who do not want the 30 way adjustable seat, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator also has 10 way and a 24 way adjustable seat option.

Lincoln has created the “Perfect Position” seats to allow for maximum comfort, and to also redefine what the words “luxury car” truly means!

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