The Car of Many Colors

            Marilyn Monroe once stated, "Fear is stupid. So are regrets." The 1950's was a time that was very different from today. People dressed their best whenever they went out, listened to rock and roll, and hung out at drive-ins. One understated detail of the time is the cars that came from it. One vehicle in particular stands out to me and that is the 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan. This car was adored by political leaders, race drivers, and lead sledders alike.

            The 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan was the car of choice for presidents and statesman in the decade. Harry S Truman and Dwight D Eisenhower used these vehicles in their presidential fleets. During the time lincoln was still seen as the luxury brand to Ford. The Lincoln Cosmopolitan was luxurious enough that the hood ornament had a maintenance plan. Of course to justify this they claim it helped with aerodynamics. With current scientific knowledge it probably didn't have as big of an influence as thought during the time. Another feature that drove people to love the luxury of this car was the Power seats and windows. These where not the only reasons this car was adored.

"Fast cars are my only vice," Michael Bay once proclaimed. I like to think that anyone racing a 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan in the 1950's would have had the same thought as Michael Bay. This car was a champion among the stock car circle. It had a V8 Engine and over 150 Horsepower. The engine made the Lincoln Cosmopolitan a very competitive driver. In fact, during 1952 and 1953, This vehicle won the top 4 spots in the pan-american road race. The Lincoln Cosmopolitan outshone every other competitor.

One trend that has yet to come back around from the 1950's is the kit, custom, or lead sled cars. These where vehicle that where bought stock and then heavily customized after the fact. Some had Flame paint jobs, some custom metal work, and some had other modifications. At the time Mercury, Cadillac, and Ford cars where known for being heavily modified. It was not uncommon to see Lincoln cars being modified in the same ways. For many the Lincoln Cosmopolitan was the perfect candidate.

There are many reasons to be proud if you are a Lincoln driver. Whether you prefer new school cool in a Navigator or Continental, or you are old-school and prefer cars similar to the 1951 Cosmopolitan. You can always make sure to have the best brand of vehicle with a Lincoln.


Cole Davis

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