We at Mullinax Lincoln believe in a higher quality of vehicle and customer satisfaction. Your vehicle runs better with better maintenance. Many do not know how important  proper vehicle maintenance can be. 
      Your car is a investment that should be cared for. Every Lincoln vehicle is equipped with a intelligent monitoring system that will let you know when something needs to be replaced or if you need a change in a certain fluid. Some parts may need to be replaced or checked on a monthly basis, while others may have a year long maintenance period. At our dealership we use genuine Ford, Motorcraft, and Ford-authorized parts. All of these parts come with a 12 month warranty or 12,000 mile warranty.  If something goes wrong with your car we guarantee that it will be fixed.
      Ford certified technicians are the only ones that you should trust with your Lincoln or ford vehicle. If you buy from a dealership then you will already be familiar with the staff who can help you with even the most minor problem. It is more convenient to bring your vehicle into a dealership than any other place. They can do everything in one place from oil changes to a new transmission. No problem with your car is too big for our technicians to handle!
      We hope that your vehicle will stay on the road for a very long time. In the unfortunate event that something does happen we have your back. So do not hesitate to come visit us at Mullinax Lincoln in beautiful Cleveland Tennessee.

Cole Davis