Whenever you visit a Ford or Lincoln dealership you may notice some mechanics in the back working on a variety of vehicles. Some of these may be normal mechanics, but all are trained by Ford certified technicians. Like myself some may wonder what does this mean. How did they get there, what do they do, and how are they different from a normal mechanic?

It takes a lot of time and dedication to become a certified Ford mechanic. For most who enroll you have to complete a High School education or equivalent. On top of this it takes two years at a technical training school to complete the certification to gain employment. After employment is gained you must wait two years before applying to do additional certification training. When applying several aspects are taken into account the main being experience on the job and experience working on specific makes of vehicles that they choose to work on. Becoming Ford certified ultimately mean that they have a vast amount of knowledge to work with Ford and Lincoln vehicles. This process can take around 80 physical classes and 100 online classes to fully complete. It can take up to a decade for some Ford Master Technicians to accomplish this goal.

Now that you know they are certified to work on vehicles, what exactly do they do? In short they do the same work as most other mechanics. This however is not necessarily the case as they know exactly what to do and how to fix the Ford Vehicles that they work on. Most larger tasks are best completed by individuals with more experience. It would not be expected for a student fresh out of technical school to completely overhaul a vehicles electrical wiring. Although some may attempt such tasks it takes a true master at their work to complete such tasks. You can know that your car is in good hands when a master technician is around.

The process to become certified is a difficult road. This road makes your driving experience substantially better. Hopefully after reading this you will truly know how our service is different. The next time you get your vehicle worked on at your local dealership make sure to thank those who took the time to really get to know your vehicle. At Mullinax Lincoln we have a dedication to provide excellent maintenance through our service department and this dedication is the same that leads us to have our staff certified through Ford Motor works. 

Cole Davis