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The Logo of Lincoln

Henry Leland had a profound influence not only on GM, but also on many later automakers. His nickname became “the Grand Old Man of Detroit.” Aaron Severson once said about the man who created the Lincoln brand. Most know the Lincoln vehicles, but not of the man who originally manifested the brand. He was a visionary then and still a visionary today. When you envision a Lincoln vehicle there is one thing that may come to mind among many other features. What could this be, except for the Lincoln logo. The Lincoln logo is seen on the grill of every Lincoln model car and sports utility vehicle today. But what does it mean, why is it there?

There are three theories to the true meaning behind the emblem. I will start with the least likely, but most optimistic of the three. This theory claims that the emblem represents a compass pointing in four directions to spread the brand across the Earth. With the help of Ford Motor Company this ultimately became true. I feel like this is the least viable theory of the three.

My favorite theory of the logo’s meaning is that it represent a beautiful star in the night sky. Stars in the night sky represent opulence, luminescence, and beauty. This wasoriginally seen on the Lincoln Continental.I would like to think that Lincoln vehicles represent these same ideals to American consumers. After all of my research, this is one that stands out to me as being a very imaginative and artistic approach to the branding. I do not believe that this was the true intentions behind the original business creator, Harry Leland.

So if not a compass rose or a star in the night sky then what could be the original meaning? I feel as if this answer becomes more clear if you understand the background of the companies creator. Harry Leland was the creator of two brands of luxury automobiles: Lincoln and Cadillac. If you are familiar with the Cadillac brand then you would know that the emblem for Cadillac represents a coat of arms. I believe that the Lincoln emblem originally represented a coat of arms as well. This makes sense to me as the modern emblem was not incorporated until the 1950s. With very classy appeal and legendary heraldic intentions it makes sense to me that Harry Leland wanted this level of ambiguity to represent his brand. Over the years the coat of arms was dropped in place of the star, equally as classy, elegant, and representative of the brands intentions.The Lincoln logo is one that is shrouded in mystery. We may never know the true meaning but can choose to believe whichever theory appeals to us. Whether it is the coat of arms, compass rose, or star they all have a certain level of elegance and class that is associated with them. What is your favorite interpretation of the logo?

Cole Davis

October 20th, 2018

Mullinax Lincoln

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