Lincoln has always been a leader in the world of luxury automobiles. This year however, has few changes, that stand out more than the brand-new aluminum-alloy rims. When looking over the incoming inventory of cars for the 2019 vehicle year it is hard to miss this change in the new Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln MKC, and Lincolon Continental.

Upon witnessing the first 2019 MKC arrive on the lot I recognized it as a Lincoln. Upon further investigation I began to have doubts. Those rims do not belong on a Lincoln car I thought to myself. After a few days of analyses passed, I came to conclude that the new 2019 had the most beautiful and stunning wheels I had ever seen on a car.

Some may ask why this is my favorite change for Lincoln this year? My answer is simple.. You see the wheels every time you see a car. Whether it is on a dragstrip, interstate, or your neighbor’s driveway you can see it. Exterior changes are seldom heard about in the automotive world. They are usually mynute changes that most would not take notice to. Most automotive brand’s make changes that no one cares a whole lot about. Lincoln is different, starting with the change of grill and this year, they change rims. It goes to show that Lincoln is consistently adapting and modernizing their vehicles. I urge you to visit a local Lincoln dealership to see the change in person. If this is not your style, then you should definitely browse images in the Mullinax Lincoln new car showroom. I believe that the change is more noticeable in person. Either way it is still a true sight to be seen.

For the folks that prefer to have a non-visual representation I will try my best to explain the detailing for you. These are reminiscent of the rims a superhero or Aviation expert would have on their car. They truly remind me of aluminum turbines used on giant jumbo jets. When the car is moving it gives off a look of the perfect wave. The rims sporty and yet luxurious. They are made of small arching triangular pieces that make it absolutely-stunning. There are 16 separate spokes that are perfectly elegant. The coloration of these comes stock in a brushed aluminum coloration. I imagine that the options will be altered within the next few years offering more variation in wheel colors.

Is it a space-ship—Negative, Is it a Boeing 737—Negative, It is a Lincoln. If you are looking for the next step in luxury then treat yourself to a new 2019 Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln MKC, or Lincoln Continental this year. We at Mullinax Lincoln hope to see you around! Do not miss out on getting a vehicle truly designed for the future.

Cole Davis

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