“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine,” Elvis Presley once said. Elvis had a passion for cars and a very special connection to his Lincoln cars. It is understandable that Lincoln has been a long time standard among the wealthy and elite in the United States for years.

                Elvis had a family connection to Abraham Lincoln. He was the 3rd cousin and 5 times separated from the former president. Elvis may not have known of this connection in his life, but historians believe that he did in fact know of this. With the connection Elvis understandably purchased Lincoln cars as it held to his namesake.

                Elvis had many things to love about his cars. To begin they where all 60s model Lincolns. The cars where not as luxurious as current day. However, they did in fact offer an elite driving or riding experience for the time. The most famous Lincoln that Elvis drove was his 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III. In 1969 you could have this car standard with power steering, brakes, windows, headlamps, cloth or leather interior, radial tires, and adjustable front seats. At a time when these where not standard on most vehicles the Lincoln Continental Mark III really shined over the opposition. This outshining I would like to think helped Elvis in outshining other musicians of the time on stage.

                Current day continentals are much different from the car that Elvis drove in 1969. All of the luxury features in the 1969 Lincoln Continental are included today. In addition, you get: All wheel drive, power door locks, push button start, keyless entry, back up camera, and personal entertainment center in the 2019 Lincoln Continental. These are just a few of the many features in the 2019 Lincoln Continental. For more details on the 2019 Lincoln Continental please visit Mullinax Lincoln in the person or on the web.

 Cole Davis