People know about Lincoln for many reasons. Lincoln is primarily known for their Luxury vehicles. They commonly have Sedans and SUVs that are great vehicles, that most people know about. In the most recent years we have seen the re-release of the Lincoln Continental, and in 2019, the Lincoln Aviator! One area of vehicles that few people knew Lincoln once produced is trucks.
    Lincoln has had two iterations of the luxury truck over the years. The last year Lincoln produced a truck was in 2008. These trucks are the Lincoln Mark LT and Lincoln Blackwood. Both of these are unique in their own way. 
    Lincoln Blackwood is a truck produced for a very short time by Lincoln. It was manufactured for a market in Mexico. They produced the car for Mexican markets between 2002-2003. In the United States this truck was purchasable exclusively in the year 2002. The Lincoln Blackwood was a powerful truck. It had four-wheel drive and plush amenities. This truck failed as sales where low and price was high. It cost $52,000 in 2002 and resulted in less than 4,000 total trucks selling.

   The Lincoln Blackwood was replaced by the Lincoln Mark LT in 2006. Production started in 2005 and ran iuntil 2008. This truck made many advances over its predecessor. Notably it offered a better towing capacity and hauling capabilities. The Lincoln Blackwood was known as a city truck that could not really be used as a truck to haul actual cargo. The Lincoln Mark LT was different in the overall Luxury truck feel. It was good at being luxurious and a truck. Lincoln Mark LT is great for towing and hauling. 

    In the future it would be cool to see a new rendition of the Lincoln truck. The recent cycle of re-releases by Lincoln Motor Company makes me believe that it is not impossible to see trucks in the lineup again. What do you all think, Do you want to see another Lincoln truck.