You know that "April Showers bring May Flowers".  And in the south this year, January, February, and March seem like one big wet April.  And how many of you have gotten in your car during one of our recent down pours and your wipers did not work well?  You heard a chattering noise, the windshield just seems to be a big smear, or you noticed that the rubber is falling off the arm.  And due to one or all of these problems, you had a very difficult time seeing to drive.

Wiper blades are one of the most used parts of your car.  However, we forget to maintain these until its too late and we need them.  Blades last six months to a year.  This depends on several factors like frequency of use, extreme weather conditions, and extreme temperature.  By keeping your car's blades clean, free of debris, and out of extreme elements, you can extend your wiper blades' life.

Replacement sets for your wipers do not cost a lot and they are easy to put on.  At Mullinax Lincoln Automotive in Cleveland,we never charge for putting blades on.  Instead of getting in your car and struggling to drive in the next rain storm;  be proactive and ask your technician to put on a set once a year with your oil change.  The $10 to $30 bucks you spend will help keep you "safe".  Safety alone is money well spent.

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