I am fifty six years old.  Now, when I go to the eye doctor I am checked for cataracts.  Most people my age are wearing glasses.  I find my peers talking about glare when driving and some will not drive past dark. 

The safety features on my SUV are great since I cannot turn my neck all the way to see over my shoulder.  I am driving slower these days.  And I also take my time pulling into traffic.

Ten years ago, I hosted AARP Driver's Safety Programs.  I thought to myself, why are those folks taking that class.  Now, I can see why.  The course is a refresher.  But, it also covers new laws for instance cell phone use while operating a vehicle. 

Successful completion of this course is good for 3 years.  It can be taken online at www.aarpdriversafety.org.  And besides knowledge, it may reduce your insurance premiums.  Please check with your insurance provider.

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