At Mullinax Lincoln Automotive in Cleveland, TN we have more than new Lincolns.  We have a great selection of used cars.  They are all makes and models.  Some have low miles and some have been used more.  A great deal of our used car, truck, suv, and van inventory is comprised of Lincolns, Mercurys, and Fords.  However,because are a new car dealership where customers are purchasing new Lincolns, they more often than not have very nice trade-ins.  Some are high quality imports, some are Lincolns, but, most are well maintained vehicles.

Why should you buy a used car or truck?  Used models are a great way to save if you are on a more restrictive budget.  All vehicles go through a depreciation process where the price of the vehicle inevitably goes down over time with increased usage.  The first year or two this happens faster.  So, if you are fortunate enough to buy a car that has been gently driven and well maintained, you have the best of both worlds.

Lincoln has a program where they will allow dealers to certify used Lincolns which extends to the customer a longer warranty after the vehicle has been processed thoroughly in the Service Department.  These cars have fresh oil and oil filters, air filters, wipers, and if a brakes or tires do not meet their expectations it is fixed or replaced.  The customers also receives Roadside Assistance with this warranty. 

Owning a used car has lots of advantages.  Buying a vehicle from someone you trust is important.  Transparency is a must.  Ask for the Autocheck Report and Service Records. Ask if you can get the used car or truck you are interested in examined by your technician. Whether you are buying a Cadillac Escalade, Toyota 4-runner, Lexus RX350, or a Lincoln do your homework and work with a reputable dealer.

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