When the temperature dips, why does your car battery seem to go on the blink?  If you are experiencing a sluggish start when you crank your car, hear a clicking noise or grinding noise upon starting the engine, notice the headlights dim when idling and brighten when you revive the engine, have corrosion around the cables, or your battery is older than 3 years-the cold weather may just kill your battery this year!  AAA has done research to date that says when the temperature outside is 32 degrees F the battery loses about 35 percent of its charge.  If the outside temp is 0 degrees F the battery loses 60 percent charge.  Starting an engine in cold temperatures can take twice as much current as needed under normal conditions. 

Vehicles have more electronics on them than they once did.  The battery is also charging all the accessory items on your car.  If your car has the above symptoms, you should consider not using the battery for charging your phone, ipad, fuzz busters, and gaming devices.  You do not need to strain the battery anymore in frigid temperatures.

A repair center or service department can monitor the life of your battery.  They can check the voltage when you ask them to.  It takes a few minutes.  There are longer tests, but, this initial test can tell you a lot about the health of your battery.  You can also make sure the terminals that connect your battery are clean, assuring you have good contact to supply the right about of voltage to your car. Your service technician can clean the terminals very easily and it take minutes.  These two steps could keep you from being stranded.  Being safe should always be first.  Carry jumper cables and put your emergency contacts for Triple A or Lincoln Roadside Assistance in your phone. 

Batteries have warranty.  Keep your receipt handy and plan on buying a new battery every 3 to 5 years!  Call Mullinax Lincoln Automotive for more information about your battery.  We also have a video on www.mullinaxlincolnonline.com about Batteries.
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