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  Here at Mullinax Lincoln Automotive we are introducing a weekly article called, Did you know? In these series of articles, I will be sharing with you some really cool and interesting facts about Lincoln Motor Company & Mullinax Lincoln Automotive as well!

 For this weeks article, Did you know, that although being an aftermarket option for previous years, Lincoln is now making heated windshield wiper blades an available option? If you or anyone you know is required to drive in below freezing temperatures, surely knows just how frustrating and even dangerous it can become having to navigate the roadways with a frozen over windshield. 

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 Why Lincoln implementing these heated blades is important, is because normal, non heated windshield wiper blades typically just skim right over the built up ice on the windshield, Lincoln's heated blades, dashingly named the Visio Blade system, heat up the windshield wiper blades to a warm 86 degrees. Doing this, melts away the built up ice with absolute ease. The Visio Blade system also comes with a great advantage because if you've ever needed to get in your vehicle and drive somewhere early in the morning, after a long cold wintery night has taken its toll on your windshield, you also know how irritating it can be having to wait for your windshield to defrost so that you can see. 

 The Visio Blade system effortlessly cuts that time having to wait in half, if not less. It really draws the question, why haven't we been doing this to begin with? However, Lincoln has yet again gone where no other car manufacturer has. Cultivating the way in the car industry, and remembering that the driver, comes first. Owning a Lincoln is so much more than just owning it. It is an experience, and one to remember for a lifetime. 

Thank you for tuning in to our weekly, Did you know series. Be sure to check back next week to learn some more amazing things about The Lincoln Motor Company & Mullinax Lincoln Automotive in Cleveland, Tennessee. 

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