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Lincoln's first all new electric vehicle | Mullinax Lincoln Automotive

The Lincoln Motor Company has announced that they will be teaming up with Rivian to construct it's first all electric vehicle. 

Lincoln Announces New All Electric Vehicle
This year also marks the end of the Lincoln MKZ sedan. Production will be ending this year in order for the assembly plant in Mexico to prepare for production of New Ford Vehicles. 

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The discontinuation of the Lincoln MKZ | Mullinax Blog

The time has come, to say goodbye.  

The Lincoln MKZ (also known as the Lincoln Zephyr) will no longer be manufactured or produced after the year 2020. Production will continue throughout this year but it will be slowly dwindled down. The MKZ is Lincoln's mid-size sedan, offering 4 doors, and fully loaded Luxury amenities. 
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What's the best place to buy a car in Cleveland, TN?

What is the best place to buy a car in Cleveland, Tennessee? 

The answer to that question is an easy one. In Cleveland, Tennessee there are several car dealerships, however only one has opened it's doors and been in business serving the people of Cleveland, Tennesee for over 55 years. The answer is Mullinax Lincoln Automotive. No other dealership in Cleveland has had it's doors open for as long as Mullinax Lincoln Automotive has. With a stellar reputation known throughout Cleveland as the best dealership in town, they are the first place you should check if your on…
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8 Fun Facts about The Lincoln Motor Company | Mullinax Lincoln Automotive in Cleveland, TN

 8 Fun Facts about the Lincoln Motor Company
Written By: Adam Reavis

Here are 8 Fun Facts about the Lincoln Motor Company, Presented to you by Mullinax Lincoln Automotive. 

Mullinax Lincoln Automotive is located in Cleveland, Tennessee, and speacializes in New and Used Lincoln vehicles. Mullinax Lincoln Automotive always sells a wide assortment of used vehicles, of all makes and models. Check out our blog frequently for loads of tips and tricks, as well as fun facts about Lincoln Motor Company!


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All New 2020 Lincoln Aviator

    The word aviation is the art or science of making, or flying an aircraft
An aviator is a pilot or one who flies and aircraft. Lincoln, a division of Ford Motor 
Company, introduced a mid-size luxury sport utility back in 2002. Named after aviation and called the Lincoln Aviator, This third row SUV was built on the third generation Ford Explorer chassis and ran from 2003 model year through 2005. This was a DOHC…
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The Lincoln Logo

The Logo of Lincoln

Henry Leland had a profound influence not only on GM, but also on many later automakers. His nickname became “the Grand Old Man of Detroit.” Aaron Severson once said about the man who created the Lincoln brand. Most know the Lincoln vehicles, but not of the man who originally manifested the brand. He was a visionary then and still a visionary today. When you envision a Lincoln vehicle there is one thing that may come to mind among many other features. What could this be, except for the Lincoln logo. The Lincoln logo is seen on…

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Maintaining your Ford or Lincoln Car

      We at Mullinax Lincoln believe in a higher quality of vehicle and customer satisfaction. Your vehicle runs better with better maintenance. Many do not know how important  proper vehicle maintenance can be. 
      Your car is a investment that should be cared for. Every Lincoln vehicle is equipped with a intelligent monitoring system that will let you know when something needs to be replaced or if you need a change in a certain fluid. Some parts…
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What is a Ford Certified Technician?

Whenever you visit a Ford or Lincoln dealership you may notice some mechanics in the back working on a variety of vehicles. Some of these may be normal mechanics, but all are trained by Ford certified technicians. Like myself some may wonder what does this mean. How did they get there, what do they do, and how are they different from a normal mechanic?

It takes a lot of time and dedication to become a certified ford mechanic. For most who enroll you have to complete a High School education or equivalent. On top of this it takes two years…

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