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Lincoln's first all new electric vehicle | Mullinax Lincoln Automotive

The Lincoln Motor Company has announced that they will be teaming up with Rivian to construct it's first all electric vehicle. 

Lincoln Announces New All Electric Vehicle
This year also marks the end of the Lincoln MKZ sedan. Production will be ending this year in order for the assembly plant in Mexico to prepare for production of New Ford Vehicles. 

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The discontinuation of the Lincoln MKZ | Mullinax Blog

The time has come, to say goodbye.  

The Lincoln MKZ (also known as the Lincoln Zephyr) will no longer be manufactured or produced after the year 2020. Production will continue throughout this year but it will be slowly dwindled down. The MKZ is Lincoln's mid-size sedan, offering 4 doors, and fully loaded Luxury amenities. 
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What's the best place to buy a car in Cleveland, TN?

What is the best place to buy a car in Cleveland, Tennessee? 

The answer to that question is an easy one. In Cleveland, Tennessee there are several car dealerships, however only one has opened it's doors and been in business serving the people of Cleveland, Tennesee for over 55 years. The answer is Mullinax Lincoln Automotive. No other dealership in Cleveland has had it's doors open for as long as Mullinax Lincoln Automotive has. With a stellar reputation known throughout Cleveland as the best dealership in town, they are the first place you should check if your on…
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8 Fun Facts about The Lincoln Motor Company | Mullinax Lincoln Automotive in Cleveland, TN

 8 Fun Facts about the Lincoln Motor Company
Written By: Adam Reavis

Here are 8 Fun Facts about the Lincoln Motor Company, Presented to you by Mullinax Lincoln Automotive. 

Mullinax Lincoln Automotive is located in Cleveland, Tennessee, and speacializes in New and Used Lincoln vehicles. Mullinax Lincoln Automotive always sells a wide assortment of used vehicles, of all makes and models. Check out our blog frequently for loads of tips and tricks, as well as fun facts about Lincoln Motor Company!


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Did you know Lincoln Once Manufactured Pick-up Trucks?

People know about Lincoln for many reasons. Lincoln is primarily known for their Luxury vehicles. They commonly have Sedans and SUVs that are great vehicles most people know about. In the most recent years we have seen the re-release of the Lincoln Continental, and in 2019, the Lincoln Aviator! One area of vehicles that few people knew Lincoln produced was Trucks.
Lincoln has had two iterations of the Luxury Truck over the years. The last year Lincoln produced a truck was in 2008. The trucks are the Lincoln Mark LT and Lincoln Blackwood. Both of these are unique in their…
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Maintaining your Ford or Lincoln Car

      We at Mullinax Lincoln believe in a higher quality of vehicle and customer satisfaction. Your vehicle runs better with better maintenance. Many do not know how important  proper vehicle maintenance can be. 
      Your car is a investment that should be cared for. Every Lincoln vehicle is equipped with a intelligent monitoring system that will let you know when something needs to be replaced or if you need a change in a certain fluid. Some parts…
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Elvis Presley Drove Lincolns

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine,” Elvis Presley once said. Elvis had a passion for cars and a very special connection to his Lincoln cars. It is understandable that Lincoln has been a long time standard among the wealthy and elite in the United States for years.

                Elvis had a family connection to Abraham Lincoln. He was the 3rd cousin and 5 times separated from the former president. Elvis may not have known of this connection in his life, but historians believe that he did in fact know of this. With the connection Elvis understandably purchased Lincoln…

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