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The discontinuation of the Lincoln MKZ | Mullinax Blog

The time has come, to say goodbye.  

The Lincoln MKZ (also known as the Lincoln Zephyr) will no longer be manufactured or produced after the year 2020. Production will continue throughout this year but it will be slowly dwindled down. The MKZ is Lincoln's mid-size sedan, offering 4 doors, and fully loaded Luxury amenities. 
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What's the best place to buy a car in Cleveland, TN?

What is the best place to buy a car in Cleveland, Tennessee? 

The answer to that question is an easy one. In Cleveland, Tennessee there are several car dealerships, however only one has opened it's doors and been in business serving the people of Cleveland, Tennesee for over 55 years. The answer is Mullinax Lincoln Automotive. No other dealership in Cleveland has had it's doors open for as long as Mullinax Lincoln Automotive has. With a stellar reputation known throughout Cleveland as the best dealership in town, they are the first place you should check if your on…
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Cold Temperatures might mean New Batteries

When the temperature dips, why does your car battery seem to go on the blink?  If you are experiencing a sluggish start when you crank your car, hear a clicking noise or grinding noise upon starting the engine, notice the headlights dim when idling and brighten when you revive the engine, have corrosion around the cables, or your battery is older than 3 years-the cold weather may just kill your battery this year!  AAA has done research to date that says when the temperature outside is 32 degrees F the battery loses about 35 percent of its charge.  If the…
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"Safe" yourself with some new wipers!

You know that "April Showers bring May Flowers".  And in the south this year, January, February, and March seem like one big wet April.  And how many of you have gotten in your car during one of our recent down pours and your wipers did not work well?  You heard a chattering noise, the windshield just seems to be a big smear, or you noticed that the rubber is falling off the arm.  And due to one or all of these problems, you had a very difficult time seeing to drive.

Wiper blades are one of the most used parts…

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How Did Your New Lincoln End up at our Car Lot

"My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others," Once stated Bob Hope. This quote relates to our story in several ways today. Christmas time is about family and there is rarely anything that surpasses the love in our own Lincoln family. Today a story will be told about the Mullinax Lincoln family we have close and the presents we receive every year that allows our customers Holiday season to be…
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Maintaining your Ford or Lincoln Car

      We at Mullinax Lincoln believe in a higher quality of vehicle and customer satisfaction. Your vehicle runs better with better maintenance. Many do not know how important  proper vehicle maintenance can be. 
      Your car is a investment that should be cared for. Every Lincoln vehicle is equipped with a intelligent monitoring system that will let you know when something needs to be replaced or if you need a change in a certain fluid. Some parts…
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What is a Ford Certified Technician?

Whenever you visit a Ford or Lincoln dealership you may notice some mechanics in the back working on a variety of vehicles. Some of these may be normal mechanics, but all are trained by Ford certified technicians. Like myself some may wonder what does this mean. How did they get there, what do they do, and how are they different from a normal mechanic?

It takes a lot of time and dedication to become a certified ford mechanic. For most who enroll you have to complete a High School education or equivalent. On top of this it takes two years…

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Lincoln Dealerships are Authorized Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury Service Departments

I bet we get asked daily “can you work on my Ford truck?”   The answer is certainly!  Our Lincoln Certified Technicians train at Regional Ford Training Centers, use the “Ford Hotline” to ask technical questions about Customers’ Vehicles, use the Ford Oasis to check on Recalls, Ford Technical Service Bulletins, and the availability of Ford Extended Service Plans, and use the Ford Warranty Manual and Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury Shop Manuals every day the Mullinax Service Department is open.  Ford Field Engineers come to the Lincoln Dealership to assist our Technicians when there are difficult repairs.


If a Customer who…

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Takata Air Bag Recall

Takata Air Bag Recall-Fourteen different automakers have vehicles that are affected by the largest recall in US history.  The Takata Company used ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion to fill air bags quickly in the event of a crash.  However, this chemical can deteriorate when exposed to high humidity and temperatures causing a metal canister to blow apart.  Thus, causing
 potential hot pieces of metal to fragment toward the front passenger.  Most of these…

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