The Smokey Mountains and More

Wondering sometimes soothes the soul.  Floating in a Lincoln Town Car in the Mountains in the South is a wonderful way to wonder.  You can get lost for several hours and feel like your miles away.  There is so much beauty in our back door!
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Ford Service at Mullinax Lincoln Automotive

As the season changes so does the weather.  Cooler temperatures, wet leaves on the road, and changes in tire pressure put additional demands on your vehicle.  No one wants to be stranded by a dead battery or fouled plugs or gummed fuel injectors.  Allow Mullinax Lincoln Automotive to make a Fall/Winter inspection of your Lincoln or Ford to ensure optimum safety, security, and performance.  We will 
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Ford Pick Up Trucks

Full Size Pick Up Trucks are so popular.  It does not matter the year, condition, or color, trucks are very desirable.  The cab capacity has made the work truck of year year a family vehicle.  Single guys want a truck.  Married guys with families want a truck.  The Ford F 150 is so popular, Ford is known for their trucks.  There are the base trim levels like the XL all the way up to the King Range and Platinum. 

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