Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is the red flashing light that blinks on my dash?

    Answer- It is the Perimeter Anti-Theft Alarm System which helps prevent vehicle 


2.) Will this red light run my battery down or do I need to turn it off?

    Answer- The system works passively, which means you don't have to turn it off 

    unless it alarms. And no, it will not run your battery down.

3.) While my car is under warranty, if I need Roadside Assistance how do I contact 


    Answer- Call 1-800-521-4140

4.) What will Roadside Assistance do?

    Answer- Tow, change a flat tire, jump your battery, bring you fuel if you run out, 

    and provide lock out assistance.

5.) If I need to contact Lincoln, how do I contact them?

    Answer- You can reach them by phone, online, or address.


    Or Contact by mail;

    Ford Motor Company

    Customer Relationship Center

    P.O. Box 6248

    Dearborn, MI 48121

6.) I have a dash light staying on after I start my vehicle. What do I do?

    Answer- Always refer to your owner's manual and call Mullinax Automotive's 

    Service Department for further concerns @ 423-476-6501.

7.) I bought my vehicle from Mullinax, when do I get my first oil change?

    Answer- Mullinax puts a sticker in the top left hand side of the windshield

     indicating when your next oil change is due. 

8.) My car has Technology that is over my head, how will I learn it all?

    Answer- Mullinax's Sales Staff are trained to teach you about all the features of 

    your vehicle. We will arrange specialized sessions with you until you feel 

    comfortable using the great features your vehicle offers.

9.) My car has Navigation, do I have to buy a subscription to it?

    Answer- No

10) I have a New Lincoln. What grade of gas do I use?

    Answer- Regular

11) I want Sirus XM Radio in my Vehicle. How do I get it?

    Answer- Call 1-800-351-4517

12) I got a notice saying my factory Warranty is up and do I need to buy one?

     Answer- Never, Never purchase an Extended Warranty from anyone but a

     dealership! Mullinax Automotive sells only Ford Extended Warranties which are

     the best for a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicle. And there are different price 

     ranges and payment plans.

13) When do I need to purchase a Factory Warranty?

     Answer- Before your Factory Bumper to Bumper Warranty runs out - it will save 

     you money! Call Mullinax if you have any questions. 

14) What is a Lincoln Certified Vehicle?

    This is a Lincoln that has had a 200 point inspection by a Lincoln Certified

    Technician. This Vehicle will have 7 years or 100K miles worth of comprehensive

    Lincoln warranty with 24 hour roadside assistance and comes with a full tank of

    gas, new wiper blades, and a complimentary first oil and filter change. Qualified 

    buyers may get special interest rates through Lincoln Financial depending on the

    current promotions. 


15) Does Mullinax Automotive do warranty work on Fords?

    Yes, Mullinax Automotive's Service Center is a Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury

      Authorized Service Center. We are happy to service, repair, and maintain your

      Ford Cars and Trucks.

16) Is it better to Lease or Buy?

    If you enjoy driving a newer vehicle, like the dependability of having a vehicle 

    under warranty, and you drive an average amount of miles each year-leasing

    maybe something you would like. A Lease is a payment plan where you pay for

    the time you drive the vehicle then you turn it back in after that time is up, and 

    get another vehicle. Since you are paying for the usage of the vehicle for a

    specific time instead of paying for the entire vehicle it can be economical for

    certain consumers. For detailed questions call the Mullinax Sales Department.

17) I got a small dent in the side of my door at Walmart-what do I do?

    Call us. If the paint is not broken, these dents are usually very easy to remove 

    and at very little expense.

18) A rock hit my windshield, what do I do?

    Call us. Depending on the size, a repair maybe all that is needed, and a new 

    windshield might not be necessary. Don't wait, because a crack will spread with

    change in weather. This is also an affordable repair.

19) I want stripes, tinted windows and chrome added to my vehicle-where do I go?

    We can help you with that…Accessorize, Accessorize...Trucks-need a 

    bedliner, stepbars, mudflaps, etc-CALL MULLINAX!

20) Do you sell Tires?

    Yes, and Mullinax has a great selection at competitive prices. And yes will we will

     rotate those tires for you….just ask when you buy your tires form us.

21) I can hardly pump my own gas let alone put air in my tires-where do I go?

    Mullinax provides Services like airing up tires, checking fluids, belts, hoses and

    batteries, topping off fluids FREE of CHARGE. Yes Free-no appointment 


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