How to successfully give someone a car
for Christmas (without them suspecting a thing)

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So, your kid turned sixteen this year and had proven himself to be a responsible driver. Or your wife has been driving a clunker for the last five years, and you want to surprise her. Whatever your reason is for giving the gift of a car, get ready for one of the most enjoyable gift giving experiences of your life! Here are a few ways to find out the kind of car that is the most suitable for the person who is about to receive the new (surprise) car, and how to keep them from knowing it's coming.

Visit the local car dealership

The first thing you want to do is talk to your local car dealer. Let them know what your plan is and whom you're buying the car for. Ask them what they typically see from this type of person when they're a buyer to help you get started with the process. You'll also want their collaboration from the start since you want this to be a big surprise. Make sure that when you buy the car, you can leave it there until the big day arrives. Also, you'll have to arrange a way to pick it up and deliver it, without the recipient knowing.

Make a few selections

Once you've talked to the car dealer and gained some insight from a professional, make a few key choices based on what you feel would be best for the person. Whether you're choosing safety, comfort or style (or all three), start the list. Remember, you're not car shopping for yourself, but for a loved one who has a different opinion about cars than you. Pay attention to the styles and opinions of the person you're buying a car for, and apply those in your decision.

Enlist a family member or friend to help

You're going to have to ask a family member or friend for some help to keep the secret, well…a secret. So be sure you choose someone who knows the recipient well enough to give solid advice, but not someone who's a blabber mouth. Most people are fairly strong when they understand the large investment a gift like this is, and they want to see the reaction of the person too.

Be sneaky when giving the gift

You can wrap the keys in a box that looks like jewelry, give a framed picture of the car where it's located, or wrap the first clue in the treasure hunt to where the car is parked. The friend you enlisted can keep the car at their house, or you can keep it at the neighbors, or even in the parking lot of the grocery store you frequent (of course let the people working know what you're up to). The element of surprise will enhance the gift and make a happy memory that will be with your loved one and the car for every mile they drive. After all, memories are the reason we grow so attached to our vehicles.

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