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How to Save Money When You’re at the Gas Pump

How to Save Money When You’re at the Gas Pump

We are approaching the time of year when we start spending more money than normal. The holidays are coming up, football is in full swing and that means parties, and our budgets are starting to feel the toll our summer vacations had on us. When this time of year happens, we often look to little ways that we can save a few bucks here and there. One place that you may not realize you can save money at is the gas pump. Here are a few tips for saving a little extra money on gas, so you can put it towards other parts of your life.

Maintain you car

Talk to your local car dealership about the routine maintenance they can perform in order to save you money on gas. Keep up with your oil changes on a regular basis, and find out if your tires are the right ones for you. The weight of your vehicle can actually make a difference in your gas-mileage, so the less stuff you keep in it and the better maintained it is, the better off you'll be.

Consider trading in your car for a more gas efficient vehicle

If you don't think there is any hope for you saving money on gas, look into trading your car in for a more eco-friendly option. While the initial investment may seem like more, in the end you will save yourself a good deal of money. Start doing your research now and talk to your car salesperson about how much you'll be able to get for your old car. You might be surprised at what your options are. In fact, you may even lower your monthly payments.

Use apps

If you have a smart phone, it can feel like there is an app for everything. Well, there are apps for finding gas stations with the lowest prices, so you can find the best place in town to buy gas. You can also check the app daily in order to watch the price of gas fluctuate and get gas, even if you don't need to fill up, when the price is low.

Join a gas club

Many grocery stores and credit card companies will give you rewards and discounts on gas when you are loyal to them. This is a great way to get money off at the pump. You may only get the discounts on certain days of the week, but if you plan ahead, it shouldn't be a problem. You can also run multiple errands by planning your route in the most efficient manner, instead of going to a different place every day.

Don't drive as much or as fast

Try to drive less often if this is possible. You can talk to your boss about working from home a couple days a week, or you can take your daily jog in your neighborhood instead of going to a park fifteen minutes away. Also, drive the speed limit because your car will burn more gas the faster you drive. Take the time to write down how you spend your time driving, and make a plan to save some money at the pump.

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