New or Used Car

Should you buy a new or used car?

Should you buy a new or used car?

There are pros and cons to every vehicle out there. Even the cars that are the perfect fit for us will have one or two features that we wish they had, or didn't have. The same goes for new and used cars. They both have pros and cons and here we'll explore what they are, so you can make the best car buying decision possible.

New Car

Oh, that new car smell! There is nothing like it. One pro to buying a new car is that you know exactly where it has been. You are the only owner at this point, so you shouldn't be concerned with how it runs, or it breaking down. A new car will often come with more warranties and roadside services that can be helpful to the owners. It will also be equipped with the latest advancements in technology. Plus, new cars generally are more fuel-efficient than older models.

The cons to buying a brand new car, is that they are more expensive, and they depreciate in value pretty fast. They won't be the most practical choice for you if you're concerned with the financial aspect of buying a car. Often, your car insurance will also be higher when you buy a new car. Keep in mind how easy it can be spill drinks, get nicked by someone who parked next to you while you're in the store, and more. Keeping a new car in its original condition is very hard, and takes a lot of work.

Used Car

When you want to be the more practical and financially savvy, then a pre-owned car might just be for you. Often the certified dealer will have warranties available, and there are some options where the factory warranty on the used car hasn't run out, so you can still take advantage of the remainder of the time left. You'll also have a wider range of cars to choose from at a variety of prices. This way, you can really budget down to the last dollar.

One of the cons to buying a pre-owned car is you still don't know what it was put through by the previous owner. You might have an idea, but you won't know exactly. You'll want to get maintenance done a little sooner on a used car as well. It may be harder to find all of the features you want in a pre-owned car.

New or used?

As you can see, there are a lot of pros and cons to both. What it comes down to is what is more important to you. Do you want to spend a little less money, and go with a pre-owned car that might not give you all the features you want? Or you can get a brand new car with all of the bells and whistles, but pay the price for it. Whatever you decide, remember to take the time to talk to your car dealership and they'll guide you in the right direction.

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