Spring Tune Up

Spring Tune-up Time!

Spring Tune-up Time!

Remember all the snow and ice this past winter? Your car remembers! Winter weather is tough on your car, truck or SUV, and spring is the perfect time to come to Mullinax LINCOLN in downtown Cleveland, TN for a tune-up.

This is the season to update your regular maintenance schedule. When was your last oil change and engine check? Our cold winter this year could have placed stress on important systems in your vehicle. So spring is the right time to have our certified, professionally trained technicians perform an evaluation of your vehicle's performance. This could prevent an untimely and unwelcome breakdown during upcoming family vacations.

Our service department can check your cooling system, and pressure test for leaks. If this important engine component fails, your car will not run and could suffer expensive internal damage. We can inspect all belts, hoses and connections to ensure proper performance of your car, truck or SUV. Also, we can inspect your emission system and make any recommended repairs to keep you safe and secure on the road.

Another benefit of having a spring tune-up is improved gas mileage. It has been proven that an improperly or poorly tuned engine can result in up to 50% more in gas costs! This, along with proper tire pressure, can add up to big savings at the pump.

Mullinax LINCOLN in Cleveland, TN services all makes and models of vehicles. Call our service department today to schedule your spring tune-up!

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