First Car

Tips for getting your sixteen year old their first car

Tips for getting your sixteen year old their first car

It can be shocking that your little one has actually turned sweet sixteen and has gotten their drivers license. Maybe they have made an agreement with you that if they get a car, they'll get a job and help run errands around the house. Or maybe they have even saved up a down payment and are ready for you to take them to the car lot. Here are a few tips to help you pick out the right car for your sixteen year old.

Think safety

Your teenager is going to be looking at the many choices of vehicles and will probably set their heart on something fast and trendy. However, as the parent, you'll want to be more practical in your decision. The good thing is, there are a lot of options out there that you will be able to agree on with your teenager. Talk to the car salesperson about the different options that are popular among a younger crowd, but also offer the safety features that you are looking for. In the end, you'll want to pick the car that will keep your child safer, but you also want to give them a voice in the matter.

Be price conscience

Even if you are able to afford a brand new car and the insurance that goes with, you have to step back and remember that this is your child's first car. Because they aren't the experienced driver like you, they will be abusing it a little bit more than the average person. Choose a car that can handle the rough rides that are ahead in the beginning. By being price conscience, you'll help your kid understand the value of a car, and they'll be more apt to care for it in a respectful way.

Take a test drive

You want your teenager to be comfortable in the car they are driving. You can test drive it yourself, but also be sure that you allow your child to test drive the car as well. Compare notes about the qualities you both like, and the ones that you don't. Pay attention to how well the features work and what purpose they serve. There are some features that will benefit an experienced driver who travels long distances, but will be unnecessary for a young driver.

Take them through the entire process

You're not just buying a first car for your teenager, you are teaching them the best practices for buying a car in the future. Make sure you take them through the entire process from the research to the first payment. You'll give them a hands-on education about the different styles of cars and the features to look for, as well as the financial and insurance processes. The better understanding they have during their first experience, the better they'll be able to buy cars in the future. This invaluable lesson is one that they don't learn in a classroom, so take the time to keep them involved.

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